Auto Interior Concept Books

Dec 25

Auto Interior Concept Books

Putting ideas together in a book or collection is not a new concept. People have been doing this for ages from the new bathroom remodel to the landscape in the backyard. I haven't seen it done too often with auto interiors. I've also seen a lot of people unhappy because they didn't get exactly what they wanted, mostly due to mis communication. I run an auto interior business and If a customer doesn't bring in pictures we always make an internet search part of the design process. It's too difficult to get into someone else's mind. A good concept book gives focus and direction to your project and helps the designer/upholsterer get a better grasp on what you really want. I love when a customer comes in with a hand full of pictures of what they want and don't want in their interior project. Most of the time we come out of the design meeting with fresh ideas inspired by the book without copying someone else's designs directly. Custom interiors should be custom to the owner of the vehicle and their personality and style.

What is a Concept Book?

A concept book doesn't even have to be a book, maybe it's a computer file or a folder full of pictures and upholstery material ideas. I've had customers come in to a design meeting with pictures saved to their phone. It's always easier for the auto interior designer to have an idea of what you want and even what you don't want. The communication will be so much clearer and you are far less likely to be disappointed because the picture in your mind translated to something different when you explain your concept to the designer or upholsterer.

What to Include in a Concept Book

Some things that you should keep in your "book" are definitely color ideas and color combinations that you are thinking about. This will narrow down the fabric choices you have to make with the upholsterer and they will more than likely know what fabrics to show you based on your color choices without wasting your time and theirs looking at things you don't want. Upholstery material type and fabric texture is also something to consider. After all, a high shine vinyl will have a different effect than antique leather. Save lots of pictures of different interior ideas from the internet and magazines, this is probably where most of your ideas will come from. The beauty of auto interior design is that it can be applied to any type of vehicle. What looks good in a new model BMW will look just as good in a 46 Chevy, Ford, etc. so look at everything.

Other sources of Inspiration

If you can make it to a car show in your area, I highly recommend it. Car shows can give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your project and the best part is you can meet the car owners and get their advice too. Anyone you meet at a car show is a good reference. It's a given that they love cars and more than likely they like talking about their car and any new car projects that might be coming up (your car). Most of these guys and ladies have built a car or two and will probably have pointers for you beyond just your interior concept. It's always better to learn from someone else's experience than your own hindsight, they will also have leads on good mechanic's, paint & body shops and upholstery shops in your area. So have fun, look around, take pictures and then get started!

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New Car Using the Internet

Most new car finders who are planning to buy their first cars usually get excited with the idea that they would soon have their own vehicles. Due to this, many of these car finders end up regretting their vehicle purchases since some of them obtained cars that are not suited to their needs. In case you are currently planning to buy your own car, there is a need to conduct an extensive car search using the most effective ways such as doing an online search. You can easily find some of the most popular and reliable cars in the internet by doing the steps provided below.

Step 1: Try to identify the type of car that you need

The first thing that you should do when searching for a new car using the internet is to identify a particular type of car that you need. This is very important since knowing the type of vehicle that suits your driving lifestyle makes the search more manageable. This allows you to save time and focus on the vehicle type that is useful to you. With this you would be able to examine the features of each model that you came across. In case you need a car that would be used to transport more passengers regularly, a full-size or mid-size sedan could be a good option since these types of vehicle are famous for their larger interior space. In the event that you would only be using the car for personal use, subcompacts and smaller cars are among the most recommended type since these vehicles are fuel efficient, can be parked even on smaller parking spaces, and easy to manoeuvre on heavy traffic.

Step 2: Search for cars by checking car makers' websites

After identifying a particular type of car, search for this by checking some of the car makers' websites. Car makers usually provide separate pages for each type of vehicle as well as for every model. The good thing is that these websites allow visitors to view the specs of their model so use this opportunity to check out what their vehicles are offering. Most of the time, car makers provide the MSRPs of their cars on their sites. If you are fortunate enough, there might be some information about the existing auto financing deals offered for each model. In order to gain more information about your chosen car type, check as many websites as you can. Based on my own experience, I usually log into websites of the most popular car maker and check the latest deals and vehicles that they are offering. Besides this, I also examine the specs of each vehicle that I am interested in. However, I do not confine my search on a single website. I also check what other car makers are offering and compare these with the other makes and models that I already checked to determine which vehicle has the most impressive features.

Step 3: Search for cars using car finder websites

Extend your search by checking the vehicles by using some of the popular car finder websites. All you need to do is log into these websites and provide the information needed by the site to do the search for you. Most of the time, these sites would request you to provide the car make and model that you are interested in. Make sure to provide this set of information in order for the site to help you with the search. This is the reason why the first step requires you to identify the type of car that you need. This will not only allow you to examine the specs of the vehicle that you want to check but also allow you to save time. By knowing the type of vehicle that you are targeting, you have the greater chances of finding these using some of the online car finders. Everyone is constantly on tight finances when it comes to purchasing anything (unless you are the world's richest businessman). But there are some ways to find cheap priced auto mobile insurances.It is a good idea to examine the vehicle insurance policy that your insurance provider has given periodically.

This will enable you to get the best insurance quote with all possible discounts added thereon. A little bit of online research will provide you with all the necessary details from various car insurance providers and what they have to offer. Attention to a few details will allow you to obtain the cheapest quote available. However, you also need to check the reliability of each car finder that you would be using. In order to do this, try to check the comments and ratings that the site's previous clients provide. In the event that most of the comments are saying that this particular site is helpful, this provides an assurance that you are on the right track.

Step 4: Take note of the information that you came across and make a comparison

Make sure to take note of the information about the cars that you came across. You can actually take down notes and list every detail that you think is important. As soon as you write down the most important features of all the cars that you have checked, try to compare these. Try to be realistic in doing the comparison and choose a particular make and model that is suited to you. He also specialises in producing and publishing New Car Buying Guides for various US automotive websites.